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How Do I Collect My Judgment?

Have you failed to collect your money judgment?
You are not alone . . .

Consider these alarming statistics about judgment recovery:

Percentage of judgments that remain uncollected : 80%
Average judgment recovery rate for collection agencies: 14%
Value of an uncollected dollar after five years: 1 penny

It is hardly a surprise that the collection industry is a "growth" industry. The odds of collecting a debt diminish as time passes. Your judgment may have been awarded by the court but judgment collection is your responsibility. After a certain amount of time, creditors conclude that they may have won the battle in court, but in real terms, the debtor has indeed won the war.

California Judicial Recovery Specialists can in many cases change this unfortunate scenario. As a judgment holder you have the right to sell your interest in a judgment to another to enforce and collect that judgment. We specialize in locating debtors and their assets to satisfy judgments. The initial cost to you is nothing. If your judgment qualifies, we purchase your judgment -- either outright or on a future-pay basis. We advance all expenses and are paid by the debtor, at no direct cost to you for judgment collection.

We function differently from a typical collection agency. As judgment recovery specialists, we have a wide range of creative and effective options to recover revenue. We do not waste resources by mailing invoices or making repeated phone calls like most collection agencies. We front all search, investigation and legal costs and are compensated solely on what is collected. Our success is rooted in a persistent approach to judgment collections, expertise in financial investigations, and access to the best collection attorneys and other seasoned experts in the requisite fields.

The founder of CJRS, Ramona Featherby, is recognized as one of the most effective judgment enforcers in the industry. She has been collecting judgments for over 20 years and has brought closure to many difficult and complicated cases. Ms. Featherby is President Emeritus of CAJP and, for five years, was instrumental in developing and marketing its popular workshops and conferences which drew a national audience. She was founder and editor of Judgment Collection News™. CJRS' experts, intelligence specialists, forensic accountants and consulting attorneys are recognized experts in the area of asset location and judgment enforcement law. The creative techniques the company uses for judgment collection have consistently resulted in the collection of debts previously "charged off" by the original creditor.


"I just wanted to send you a quick note of appreciation. You are the best collector we have ever dealt with. We never have to worry about your methods. You are as ethical as you are persistent...and as effective. After ten years experience in the financial services business, including both check cashing stores and payday loan offices, we have tried many collectors. And, you collect more, and pay us faster than anyone has ever done either. Again, thank you. It's a pleasure to do business with you."

Jim C.
All City Financial, San Diego, CA

"Collected in 90 days what I was unable to collect in 10 years! Fast, to the point and knows how." - Bruce H.
Case No. 543845 / Superior Court of CA / Hall of Justice/San Diego

"Excellent job! CJRS discovered that the attorney who handled this matter goofed and named the wrong Defendant, rendering my judgement unenforceable. CJRS immediately took legal steps to correct this flaw and in a relatively short time the judgement was paid.You were always available and kept a line of communication open so that I wasn't wondering what was going on. Your company has a high standard of professionalism not often seen in this industry. Thank you."
-Sandy W.
Case No. GIC 762370, Superior Court of CA/San Diego Judicial District/Central Division/Hall of Justice

"I very much respect your integrity.... I never felt like the size of my judgment was an issue; it always seemed to have your full attention. Thank you."
- Jeff M.

Case No. 117429 /, Superior Court of California/San Diego/Central Division

"Ramona handled my case in a quick, efficient and professional manner. After dragging on for more than two years, Ramona was able to resolve my case within a few weeks. I highly recommend her services."
- Kevin B.

Case No. IC 806204 / Superior Court of California/Hall of Justice/San Diego

"....very professional and tenacious in her successful recovery effort. THANKS."
- Gary B.

Case No. 645858 /Superior Court of California/San Diego/Central Division

“As advised earlier you did one hell-of-a-job. I admire you for the way and manner in which you stayed with this case in spite of the many roadblocks and stonewalling that was put in front of you. You showed a great deal of tenacity and patience in dealing with these people and their attorneys. A very commendable trait. All the best and stay well.”
- Thomas M.

Case No. GIC 746882 Superior Court of California/County of San Diego
Case No. 02-05955 B7 US Bankruptcy Court/Southern District

“Pleasant, helpful, courteous, empathetic to me. Prompt responses and kept me informed regularly without having to ask; always available. You were a great find after communicating with many others who discouraged me but appreciated your honesty and of course – the results! Would definitely recommend without hesitancy to anyone who needs help in recovering a judgment.”
- Dr. Shirley Y.

Case No. 99 CC 03260 / Superior Court of CA/Orange County Judicial District/Central Justice Center

“Trustworthy, courteous, polite, knowledgeable, efficient, friendly. A person of good character. I am very satisfied with her work and much, much more. I would give her my collection problem without hesitation.”
- Rabbi S.

Case No. 146332, Superior Court of CA/San Diego Judicial District/Central Division

Great job! I know these folks were hard to track down and keep tabs on. We greatly appreciate your assistance in this case, would use you again in the future, and happy to be a reference:
- Dr Bruce M.

Case No. 045127, Superior Court of CA / Hall of Justice/San Diego

"Great work & fast! You're on our team from now on."
- Steve R. - Century 21

Case No. 126399, Superior Court of CA/San Diego Judicial District/Central Division

"Thank you so much. The time for me to collect was running out. Ramona (CJRS) contacted me and I agreed to let them try. Immediately she found all of the assets available and started to squeeze the noose. I was very impressed at how quickly they were able to corner this slippery individual. Your company was very tenacious and did not relent until the money owed me was paid. It was worth it just to know I was one person he was not going to rip off. Thank you again."
- Gregory S.

Case No. 649201, Superior Court of CA/San Diego Judicial District/Central Division

"Mr.____ was a convicted felon and we couldn't find him or his assets. The more we interviewed attorneys, the more discouraged we became. They all wanted a large, replenishable retainer and $200.00 an hour. To our knowledge, we are the only creditors who were ever able to collect anything from this world-class swindler. With your help, Mr. ____'s complicated web of secret trusts and hidden assets was unraveled and all the dots were connected. Many thanks."
- Joseph A.

Case No. 87 0173-H, U.S. District Court/Southern District of California

"After three years my collection agency told me they were closing my file. You went to work on my case without delay. Before I knew it the checks started to come in. The payments were always prompt. Thank you!"
- David S.

Case No. 662181, Superior Court of CA/ San Diego Judicial District/Central Division

"Your persistence in getting what you could from a bankruptcy case shows you truly care about justice for the “little guy” "
- James W
Adv. Case No. 05-08947, U.S. Bankruptcy Court/Southern District of California

"Please use me as a reference. Extremely professional. Very communicative. Very effective. Does what she says.... no surprises. Enjoyed working with you."
- Leonard S.

Case No. 00 CC 08299, Superior Court of CA/Orange Judicial District/Central Justice Center

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