"Let no debt remain outstanding." - romans: 13.8

California Judicial Recovery Specialists

Specializing in the enforcement of money judgments for over 20 years.

Headquartered in Southern California, California Judicial Recovery Specialists [CJRS] collects money judgments in all counties throughout California. Unlike some states, California is generally a favorable environment for creditors, and our firm fully exploits the many avenues available to judgment creditors under Title 9 of the Code of Civil Procedure. Although we do not accept all cases for collection, we bring extensive experience and professionalism to every case we accept and customize our collection strategy to suit each situation rather than applying a cookie-cutter formula. Each case has a unique set of circumstances, and we begin each matter with an intensive investigation before devising a  strategy.

With our collection specialists, consultants and attorneys, we represent decades of experience and are on the pulse of modern technology and electronic intelligence -- all resulting in what is often exceptional results.

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California Association of Judgement Professionals

Ramona Featherby, President Emeritus



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As a boutique judgment recovery firm, we give individual attention to each case, unlike general collection agencies which deal in volume and thus struggle to spend the time necessary to thwart professional debtors. 

Effective judgment collection requires finesse, strategic structuring, resources and patience. At the end of the day, assignment can be the solution for many beleaguered creditors.


Our firm takes a holistic approach, looking at the bigger picture and into the future. Contrary to what may be touted online, it is a simple fact that some judgments, particularly large complicated cases, may take more time and resources than anticipated. Absent low-lying fruit, we are prepared to invest in a long-term approach when necessary.


Our firm's ability is rooted in experience, intelligence gathering, and having talented specialists across multiple disciplines, underscoring that 'knowledge is power'. This, combined with resources, talent and determination, can stack the deck in a creditor's favor where previous hopes had dwindled. Some judgments, however, are uncollectible, and all the effort and resources in the world would have no effect. It is thus important to know the difference.



He who is prudent and lies in wait for an enemy who is not, will be victorious.
— Sun Tzu, The Art of War, 500 b.c.



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