The founder of CJRS, Ramona Featherby, is recognized as one of the most effective judgement enforcers in the industry.


The founder of CJRS, Ramona Featherby, is recognized as one of the most effective judgment enforcers in the industry. She has been collecting judgments for over 20 years and has brought closure to many difficult and complicated cases. Ms. Featherby is President Emeritus of CAJP, and was instrumental in developing and laying the groundwork for its popular workshops and conferences which continue to draw a national audience. She founded and edited the initial issues of CAJP's Judgment Collection News™. She also arranged for CAJP's acquisition of the rights to Nolo Press' bestseller, "How to Collect When You Win a Lawsuit in California".

CJRS' experts, intelligence experts, forensic accountants and litigation attorneys are recognized experts in their requisite fields. The creative techniques the company uses for judgment collection have consistently resulted in the collection of debts previously 'charged off' by the original creditor.




Have you failed to collect your money judgment?

You are not alone. While most debt collection data applies to government tax and loan defaults, there are some statistics that have circulated in the judgment industry for years which generally indicate the following:

Percentage of judgments that remain uncollected:  81%.

Average recovery rate for collection agencies: less than 15%.

Value of uncollected dollar after five years: 1-2 cents

It is thus hardly a surprise that the collection business is a "growth" industry. The odds of collecting a debt diminish as time passes. Your judgment may have been awarded by a court but collection is your responsibility. After a certain amount of time, creditors conclude that they may have won the battle in court, but in real terms, the debtor has indeed won the war. 

We at California Judicial Recovery Specialists can in many cases change this unfortunate scenario. Under California CCP §673, as a judgment creditor you have the legal right to 'sell' your collection rights to a third party, ending collection headaches and allowing you to move on with your life. 

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senior recovery specialist

Ramona Featherby

Ms. Featherby's diverse background has fostered her ability to think outside the box. A former marketing specialist, Ms. Featherby previously worked with  municipalities and visitor bureaus across the country creating projects to promote development and increase tourism dollars.  In 1989 her elderly father was swindled out of retirement monies by a convicted felon. Ms. Featherby was prompted to action when she saw him struggling to collect and getting nowhere.  Knowing nothing about collecting judgments, she helped her father do what none of the dozens of other victims were able to do -  recover stolen funds.  A few years later she opened her own agency and has been busy ever since, though she rarely advertises and does not engage in social networking.