Thoughts on Judgment Collection 

The Judgment Collectors' Ten Commandments

Photo by Arrangements-Photography/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by Arrangements-Photography/iStock / Getty Images

1. Thou shall be ethical in your judgment enforcement activities.
2. Thou shall be selective in your judgment cases.
3. Thou shall not chase the ‘honest but unfortunate judgment debtor.’
4. Thou shall know the difference between the ‘honest but unfortunate judgment debtor’ and one who pretends to be.
5. Thou shall realize that knowledge allows thou to work intelligently and to be effective.
6. Thou shall become an expert in locating judgment debtors’ assets … without breaking the law.
7. Thou shall have an iron stomach and a will to match. Thou will never succeed as a judgment recovery specialist unless thou does.
8. Thou shall not be intimidated by bankruptcy because thou selects judgments which will survive bankruptcy.
9. Thou shall realize that all judgment debtors claim to be a victim.
10. Thou shall spare no expense. This is war. The one with the best weapons wins.


©2007 Ramona Featherby

Ramona Featherby