Thoughts on Judgment Collection 

A New Year, a New Landscape For Collections?


It was The Common Man against the bicoastal elites and Imperial Washington. So how will the second American Revolution impact creditors and debtors?

If the stock market and consumer confidence are any indication, it should be a win-win. Afterall, how can a bustling economy with new jobs, ascending stocks and real estate be negative?

The irony is that we are headed for a deep recession. Trump knows it too:  “We are in a big fat ugly bubble.” The Donald has inherited a hot potato, partly the result of Obama’s lunatic socialist agenda and refusal to allow a complete correction of the economy in 2008.  Yet Obama will emerge from the train wreck without a scratch… and a multimillionaire. Moreover, the carnage (and the blame to come) is likely to be placed squarely at the feet of his successor. 

But does Trump have the courage to allow a correction or will he engage in band-aid tinkering like his predecessor?  

It remains to be seen. Trump is neither fish nor fowl. One thing is clear, however. A Trump economy -- even one headed into recession -- will fare far better than four more years of HillBama. So in this respect, a thumbs-up for creditors and debtors alike.


Ramona Featherby